Welcome to Biotechtrove’s Blog

We welcome you all to the “Biotechtrove’s Blog !”

The Biotech Trove (TBT)  is an interactive platform and informative arena, created by “Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd (India)” where, students and  industry professionals can register, advertise and obtain information regarding new products, new technologies, industry news, case studies, investment opportunities and much more in the field of Biotechnology.  TBT is an online association, aimed at serving the communities of the Life Science, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Clean-Tech Industries

TBT,  a portal run by a team of professionals from Biotechnology, Media, Marketing and Web Technology,  is revolutionizing the way in which the professional community finds relevant news, identifies important information, interacts with each other and researches product purchases. It’s  aim is to become the most comprehensive and trusted online destination for students , industry personnel and aspiring professionals alike in the field of Biotechnology and the related fields !

Creating Platform to Interact

For constant interactions and developing on-line and off-line “Biotechnology Community” , we keep on organizing seminars, webinair, podcasts to facilitate audio visual interactions among the information seekers and the sources of information.

This Blog

This blog is targeted at disseminating valuable information in the filed of biotechnology and related science, to student, researchers and professionals for their enrichment and advancement.  We expect an overall support from you, from all the corners to make our endeavor a success !!

Sanjoy Gupta

The Editor

Biotechtrove’s Blog

Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd.

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